Is this a legitimate company?

Yes. Absolutely, 100% yes. Our main business is a company called Bespoke Custom Clothing (bespokecustomclothing.com). We own and operate our own manufacturing facility where we make custom suits and shirts. We’ve been in business for nearly 6 years and have over 150 people working as managers, tailors, and haberdashers. We have locations in Salt Lake City-UT, Boise-ID, New York-NY, and Miami-FL.


Is this a cash grab? Are you exploiting a crisis?

No. Absolutely, 100% no. Due to the recent virus pandemic, our company’s (like thousands of others) sales dwindled to nothing . We wanted to avoid mass layoffs however possible. When we saw the recommendation from the CDC urging everyone to wear cotton face masks in public , we knew this is something we could help with. We converted our clothing facility to make these masks the weekend of April 4th. Our main goal here is to provide a product that is in high demand while keeping ALL of our employees paid and employed.


Isn’t $13 a little expensive?

We definitely understand this concern. If you feel this way, you might be comparing our pricing to a company that 1. sells these regularly aka sold them before the pandemic or 2. sources their product for pennies out of a cheap labor Chinese facility.

Our employees earn a livable wage and only work over 40 hours per week when voluntary overtime is offered and accepted. This increases costs. We also use a 100% 3 layer cotton treated with a nanotechnology water repellent finish. This fabric is also more expensive than cotton regularly used for bandanas or t-shirts. In reality, we only profit a few dollars per mask and the money is being used to keep our staff employed and our bills paid.


How long will my order take to get to me?

7-10 days. The demand for this product is extremely high right now and we have been playing catchup since we launched. We are working to get this number down to 5-7 days in the coming week or two.


What’s the difference between the Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s masks?

Just the size. Men’s: 10” x 9.5”; Women’s: 9.5” x 9”; Children’s: 9” x 8.5”


Will this prevent me from getting sick?

Technically, no. Only FDA approved N95 masks can do that. In a head-to-head study a double layer of cotton tea towel wash shown to be more effective at filtering particles than a surgical grade mask, with proving 90% filtration efficiency. We use 3 layers of 100% twill weave cotton which would be better than the double layer cotton tea towel. The additional nanotech covering increases that even more. Though we don’t advertise 100% filtration it is still a great mask.


What is nanotech covering?

See these links for better understanding. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

Link 1

Link 2